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Our commercial collection operation has been established on the premise of having long term business relationships. One sales representative initiates the relationship by marketing our services. This professional is equipped to deliver information to you on the global collection process. One collection representative is assigned to each client. That specialized professional will make demand on your claim from inception to its successful completion. This team approach allows information to be delivered efficiently and effectively to the decision makers.

We believe that having the same collection professional working your claim from the start to finish allows for continuity between the creditor, debtor, agency and counsel. Ultimately, the creditor will build trust with our professionals as collections are made, instructions are followed and exposure is reduced.

Collection Process

Our collection professionals will start on your claim immediately. Advanced automated data systems and software allow for a seamless integration when claims are received. The collector will establish contact with your customer to place demand for payment. After a standard acknowledgement of your claim is received, a fully detailed individually dictated report is sent to you by our collector. This information gives the credit professional a “snap shot” of the collection claim and insight on collectability. If the claim requires further efforts such as legal counsel, then our collection professional will tap our network and facilitate your claim’s need. The process is always confirmed in writing to our clients. No cost or fees are expended without your expressed authorization.

Legal Network

We only utilize law firms that are established, industry specific, through bonding representatives associated with the commercial collection field. This recognized group has the highest standards of excellence in the collection industry. All claims sent to counsel are bonded so as to protect the creditor. We comply with all federal, state and local commercial debt collection practices and laws.


United Commercial Collections Inc. works on a contingent basis. We are rate flexible for the credit/recovery community. Age, size and disposition of the commercial debt dictates the rate structure with each creditor. Remittance from recoveries is fully detailed in writing to each creditor on the day recovery occurs.

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